Hi. I’m Lizbeth.

“The Anaether” is an upcoming adult sci-fi drama graphic novel. I’ll likely start working on/releasing pages of Act I of the main storyline by 2022.

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Recently I’ve decided putting up ETA’s and rough deadlines for myself doesn’t really work for me and just makes me way too anxious. I think it disturbs my process, so for now stuff is just gonna come out when it does. All I can really promise at the moment is there will always be some new content in production (mainly illustrations and comic pages) because there is never a day when I don’t think obsessively about “The Anaether.” I’m more specific about my process and what’s going on in and around my head on my blog in case you’re curious.

The current comic pages in progress is a “trailer chapter”, where the episode itself is not really canon, but the characters, their behavior, objects, setting and lore are canon. My primary goal with this portion of the project is to hash out the designs of the environment, level of detail, color palette and key things such as outfits, vehicle design and weapon design. While I’d been producing concept art, I really felt like I needed to put a story to my characters, so I decided to start working on the trailer chapter.

“The Anaether” first started with just me frequently drawing my original character Vas (rhymes with “gravitas”) for many years. Then I wanted to draw a lot of smut. Then I wanted to make a story.

Then I spent the better part of a year sketching pages and pages of thumbnails. It was all supposed to be smut, but then turned into 97% story and only 3% actual smutty scenes. I just wanted to draw really emotionally loaded sex scenes, but then realized I needed to exert some effort into writing to prevent cringing at my own work.

So instead of having all the smut in the actual graphic novel, it’s mostly going to be in separate images and as canon as the trailer chapter.

The gallery will feature illustrations that are mostly from visual development for the series and just drawing for the hell of it.

In the interest of not trapping my audience, Vas is a nonbinary character and Semeon is male. They’re a queer couple.

Thank you for visiting the site.

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On another note, I have one important boundary with my audience that I’ll mention here:

If your beliefs consist of in any way the infringement of others’ basic human rights, you are not welcome to my content nor contacting me in any way. Especially at this moment in time, this includes those who are an active danger to public health safety.

I don’t think I can make brief and exact definitions here, so let’s just say I’m really not into avid white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Trump supporters, anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, homophobes, conspiracy theorists, religious extremists, hard right conservatives nor any kind of hate group.