I keep feeling like this month is shot. I just came back from a funeral trip for family and basically didn’t do any paid nor Anaether work over the past few days. Well, just some doodles of Syf. I uploaded one of them to Patreon just now. But at the end of it all, I felt good about being there for family. It was actually for my bf’s family, and I feel like as a result of seeing them and having such a good time with them all, I actually care for them more. So it was a good trip, and honestly the American culture of glorifying over-work and prioritizing work over family is just plain idiotic. If we’re really honest with ourselves, we really should be taking closer to like a month or two off from work for family, friends and/or vacations. I only forgot about my income possibly being lower in a year because last year in 2020, I took no days off from work for myself. I pretty much only had breaks when clients went on vacation themselves. It’s been pretty chill.

Meh, I have a solid 3 weeks to get stuff done before my next trip I have to take off from work for. I almost forgot why this month would be so busy. Uh… I do have an artfight account now as Lizbeth, but I just can’t see myself participating in drawing others’ OCs this month. I mean, I want to. Well, I don’t know. I don’t want to get all presumptuous that people would be okay with drawing my OCs knowing that I won’t attack back.

Yeah honestly I’m not sure what to do but I really need to focus on at least one thing and get something done, most ideally another set of 5 pages. Actually yes, that is like my #1 priority. Another set of 5. Because I’m seriously getting more hyped about the last few dozen pages of this prototype chapter. Well, I can imagine myself being hyped about it now, and then long after I’m done rendering this next scene I’m about to do, I’ll probably look back at it and think to myself, “What the hell was I thinking?” but whatever. I’ll have fun I guess. And also finally get into Act I. Oh yeah, about that. I haven’t been making much progress on re-doing the thumbnails to make sure the story’s more condensed and not monstrously long. I really feel like my brain’s split up into too many different places. Maybe if I write down a list or make a chart or something, perhaps I can get organized and calm down.

Uuugh, I just opened up Krita with another illustration of Vas and Semeon that I started before I left for the trip last week, but also have Clip Studio Paint open with comic page 56. I really, really want to work on both but I really need to just choose one.

Whatever, I can promise you I’ll focus on one and then regret not working on the other one first. I’ll at least be working on something.

Thanks for your patience, I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend.