I just tried re-thumbnailing Act I. I mean, I didn’t get to sketching literally anything. I’m actually quite intimidated right now.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to cut from my original ridiculous amount of pages, and am also starting to think it might be best for me to just never render out my original 800-something pages for Act I. I’m really not sure how much of this thinking is coming out of self-doubt or being pragmatic, but I certainly regret being excessively eager to brag about having spent this much effort on the thumbnails I already have.

I feel kind of stupid, but still pretty determined to make at least Act I happen. I got intimidated mainly at the idea of massive amounts of cutting and condensing. I’m literally trying to cut a few hundred pages and condense like some 50-page scenes into like 5 pages if that’s even possible. I’m really not sure how, but I know I at least have to try and I’ll probably feel better after I try.

I’m also trying to be careful by doing a bit of research. I did used to have a manga collection. Well, it’s not with me right now but I’m putting off getting it back from my dad’s house. Anyway, each volume of manga tends to have 100 to 250-ish pages, and each chapter tends to be someplace between 20-30ish pages. I think the pacing is also typically about 2-3 times faster than what I’m comfortable with in my own work. Well, while I’m thinking out loud, it might actually be a good idea for me to split my stuff up into chapters. I probably won’t title them.

Maybe I’ll just slow stuff down when it seems appropriate and otherwise try to make the story as condensed as possible. I keep feeling like I have to compromise a whole lot, but ultimately again, I’ve realized I just really want to get this story out there.