I feel as if I’ve been quite a bit faster these days with comic pages. Well, aside from some commissions that slowed me down a bit. I mean, I wanted to do the commissions, so I don’t at all want to make it look like it was the clients who slowed me down. Business was a bit slow last month so I just thought I’d see how fast I can pick up some commissions if I wanted to. Results were pretty good. I enjoyed the gigs, and am now confident that I can probably get more if I pushed my open status more. For now though I want to slow down on commissions.

I’m about halfway through completing my prototype chapter. I’m excited about that, and I feel like it’s helping me stay really motivated and driving me to render out these pages faster. It also makes me anxious though. I’m *still* not really accomplishing everything I’m “supposed” to be with this chapter I’m working on. I still want to change up the design of the Milvago, the ship that Vas pilots. I’m also not terribly happy with the environment I came up with. On top of that, I’ve been thinking more carefully about my main storyline. I went through it a bit again, and have realized it’s more messed up than I thought. Sure, I’ve had some people go through the thumbnails of Act I that I have, and they seem mostly okay with it, but pretty much only I and my best friend know the whole story in its entirety. There’s still a bunch of stuff about it that doesn’t quite add up.

So right now my plan is, between now and whenever I finish this prototype chapter, I’ll be working on the comic pages I’ve been working on and doing writing sessions with my bf. I also need to do some re-thumbnailing of Act I because I really, really need to at least plan to get this whole series done in less than like, hopefully 10 years or something. It might end up way too fast-paced, but it’s in the interest of having a finished product in some form. Uugh… if only I’d let up by going colorless and less detailed and shit so that I could put out pages even faster, but I really absolutely cannot stand that idea. So at this point I’m kind of determined to work and train myself so that eventually I can crank out 1 of these fully colored pages each day, or at least be able to produce 1 page in 1 day.

God. Figuring out what to cut from what I have is going to be super tough. I re-watched Blade Runner 2049 and couldn’t stop thinking about how I’d hate it if it were a faster paced movie and if they’d cut the meditative scenes.
I think I’m going through another existential crisis moment but at this point since these moments have happened so many times, I ought to be used to it by now. Whatever. The work continues, who gives a shit, I’m gonna keep doing this.