I’d been wanting to do this piece for a while. Like, almost a few years. I attempted it in like 2019 and didn’t follow through, then I started over again this year.

Some part of me felt like it’d be kind of silly to have Vas positioning their weapon like a paladin and their sword. Well, I guess a lot of things that look cool on the surface are actually pretty silly. Like, Wonder Woman is pretty scantily clad in some warzones and besides, does she really need armor at all? I think I’m a bit too fixated on realism.

Even though this piece took me way too long in my opinion, I’m glad I’ve more or less completed it and I am experiencing the excitement of figuring out what I want to do next. At the moment I either want to add Semeon and Syf to the painting above or work on this small animation I started of Semeon. I was also thinking of painting Syf in her own piece.

I feel like this month’s gonna be a wash for comic pages, so I’ll likely start up again on them in February since I feel really motivated to just keep doing illustrations or possibly an animation. At the bare minimum I always want to be working on something related to this project to keep a steady pace of completion.

Thank you for your patience.