As you might know, Syf has a birth defect that disallows her from processing “normal” food, so she can’t eat the gingerbread house. Presumably Semeon got her the gift to be a troll.

Here’s the group OC pic I illustrated my characters for. Sygnin invited me to this project and organized and put together this really cute group shot. From left to right are the OCs of the following artists on Twitter:

@issxhe , @DealterW , @AtomicRoboto , @heyitstudes , @sygnin , @Galvansdrawings , @lizbeth490021 , @isbellihalom , @WENShark

I have been super inactive on The Anaether lately, but I’m giving myself a huge break by telling myself all the self-assigned holiday-related projects are optional, and that whenever I finish them (before New Year’s) they will be super appreciated or at least I’ll be glad I did them. I’m also spending extreme quality time with friends and family these days through video calls and video gaming with them. I’m very happy about that because sometimes I really feel like I could do better to show my appreciation for the presence of others. Well, I try anyway and I probably don’t do enough.

Aside from the pandemic and the huge train-wreck of the American government, I personally and professionally had a great year. There’s been so much growth all around. My income keeps increasing from year to year by a lot even though I don’t work anywhere near full time hours. I could, but I feel like I’d only be doing that because of social pressures. I mean, technically I could maximize my paid hours and then sort of “retire early” so that I can 100% focus on side projects and whatever else I want later, but that would mean I’d have to exhuast myself every day pretty much. I figured “This is my life now.” I’m living it now, and I don’t want to be stressed from day to day even if I’m doing it temporarily. I always forget though, I don’t think I ever want to retire. I can see myself drawing and drawing until I die.

I’m hoping to do better next year. I’ll at least try, I guess. But to put my life in perspective, I’m probably the most “caught up” I’ve ever been even though I always feel like I’m playing catch-up. All the things I’m “behind” on are pretty much self-assigned.

I was gonna bake cookies with my cookie cutters today but I probably won’t. I don’t think it’s a crime to eat snowman, candycane and gingerbreadman-shaped cookies after Christmas.