I was invited by Sygnin to illustrate my OC(s) to include in a group OC holiday card with some other artists. I think I’ll post the whole group shot here soon, perhaps closer to Christmas. I also want to put a full background on this image. Well… it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. I have a bunch of other stuff I need to do before Christmas.

I’m almost done with page 36. Yeah, I got side-tracked with a lot of things including this holiday pic but I couldn’t resist the invite to that kind of cute project so I basically spent 2, 3 days on it. It was silly of me but I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’ve been saying I’m almost done with page 36 like forever, but I really am this time. I just need to add a buncha blood and drool and stuff.

In other really awesome news, my company, Anaether Productions LLC now has a registered fictitious name/DBA/trade name thing and so I think I can now show up as not my real identity on transaction records but instead at least, “Anaether Productions.” I now have an actual bank account and a Paypal account with it. I’m just going to test it first along with my Ko-fi and Patreon account before publicizing them.

I’m pretty stoked.

Anyway, I have a boatload of things to knock off my December to-do list before I’m completely free to get back into comic pages and stuff.

I want to be more festive. I’m gonna go do the wrong thing and buy some eggnog, apple cider and Land O’ Lakes hot chocolate.