This blog is becoming a PMS dump.
Whatever. I need to post an update.

I feel sad, but I know it’s very temporary. I feel like utter shit when I don’t work on “The Anaether” for like 2 days but I know I’ll work on it again today/tomorrow. I’m happy with what I’ve done already, I’m gonna make better work in the future and I’m gonna train myself to work faster.

I feel really shitty right now and it’s just all in my head and it’s a great time for me to not be around anybody. Then again all the time is a great time for me to be not around anybody. For the record, I really suck at being around people and get a shitload of anxiety when anybody bothers to talk to me, even long time friends. Everyone’s plenty nice and generous to me. There’s nothing wrong with anyone. I’m really just messed up and most of the time it’s best if I just stay away to minimize conflict.

I’m doing great otherwise. I’m working on page 36. I’m not liking how I decide on what the characters are doing for action stuff, but I can’t say I’m very experienced with illustrating action/fight scenes so there’s that. But I can say I’m trying.

I’m doing great, I just feel dumb and shitty right now.

Here’s a rough horny animation I’m probably not gonna finish anytime soon. Not really sure what I was doing when I was making this either, but it’s a thing.

I’ll just mope for now and do the carpe diem thingy later, I’ll totally be okay.

Thank you, viewer. I really appreciate your patience with me and your continued interest in my work. My true sincere thanks. I hope you’re doing well.