I couldn’t resist participating in this event since it seemed fun and adorable to do.

I really wasn’t sure what to do with Vas’s outfit, it’s hard coming up with a more gender-neutral look, or one that has the exact masculine and feminine qualities that I feel like I capture with just Vas by themself. I’ll figure it out someday, I’ll likely keep trying to come up with new formal outfits that fits what Vas is like.

Anyway, the past week was really sluggish in terms of the other work I was trying to accomplish, so I hope to finish it off today (Sunday). Then I’d like to work on some smut illustration(s) before getting back into working on comic pages. I’d likely publish another batch by like, early December.

That’s assuming I make it to December with the rest of you guys. Like, as in we don’t get firebombed or something in election-related riots. I’m more or less kidding but a tiny bit not. Either way, people are going to be super pissed no matter what happens.

In case it isn’t obvious enough, I have a pretty strong preference for you to vote for Biden and Harris. It might be simplistic to think this but anyone voting for Trump either doesn’t care enough or does not acknowledge the needless death and suffering he has brought on our country. He doesn’t give a flying shit about his supporters. He continues to have his super-spreader rallies even after he got Covid, telling people getting infected with it isn’t a big deal.

Wake up, people — he had like a dozen doctors all to himself, got pumped full of drugs that the rest of us probably don’t have easy access to, he got flown to and from the best hospital with a fucking helicopter. I don’t see that happening for the rest of us who might need intensive care.

This whole pandemic thing on top of everything else he’s done.

Please don’t sit out in this election. A democracy works best when everyone participates. Be accountable for your own actions. What I really despise is people who complain, especially about politicians and write them all off as “bad,” and don’t participate at all in trying to change the world around them. If you only complain and do nothing about the world around you, then you don’t actually care — you’re just complaining. Change is incremental and happens with pressure over time, and it’s not that obvious every time something really meaningful happens in your favor. But certainly, a self-defeatist attitude is not going to get you far.

Honestly, politics is way too important to not get involved. It affects all of us. Tens of thousands of us Americans have died so needlessly largely because of politicians who really don’t give a flying shit and are just really only looking out for themselves. The rest of us have our day to day lives changed at least in some way. This is why I implore you to vote. The guy on top certainly has a huge influence on the outcome of this pandemic in our country. Not to mention voting for your local politicians — states have performed differently in this pandemic depending on the actions they took. There have certainly been some governors who treat the idea of wearing masks very differently, for example.

If this blog post completely puts you off, then it’s a filter for my audience. It should signal to you where my priorities are. I’m pretty adamant about trying to treat everyone with respect, except when they are disrespectful, hateful and hurtful to others. Especially when they are irresponsible. I don’t want Trump supporters in my audience, I don’t want racists, misogynists nor homophobes in my audience.

I’m probably going to bring up politics every now and then to make clear to people where I stand because I don’t want my audience blindsided about my beliefs. I’m trying to reach people with my artwork on a very personal level. With that, I’d also like to show support for your well-being.

Anyway, I need to go to sleep. Happy Belated Halloween, and vote blue to save America.