Here’s a preview of the formal attire illustration. I released it on Twitter, and now I’m posting it here. The full version is available to subscribers on my Subscribestar.

I’m currently working pretty slowly on page 33, mostly because I got side-tracked with trying to finish up the thumbnail sketches for the prototype chapter. I got really fixated on it and felt motivated to do it so I just went with the urge to work on that instead. I’m about finished with it, and really hope I don’t come up with some other idea and add even more pages to the prototype chapter. It’s already become twice as long as I’d originally intended. But I think I can complete half of the pages of this chapter by the end of this year and hopefully finish it by summer of next year.

Honestly I’m not that excited about the next 20 or even 30 pages I’m about to work on, mostly because comparatively, the last 20 or so pages of this entire chapter (which I’ve been thumbing out) are the ones I’m most excited about now.

But once again, I’ve found that I haven’t really been hashing out my designs as I’d intended. I’ve just been putting them off, still. But I have achieved a bunch of things that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t started working on this chapter. I’ve discovered what this process is like and have gotten a better feel for that and exploring different creative choices. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel 100% about my creative decisions, honestly. That would probably keep changing over time, whereas my storytelling and characters, I hope, would remain consistently well-developed and engaging.