I was feeling really shitty when I was writing my last blog post. I’m feeling a lot better now, but not because I suddenly became more time-efficient or somehow got back into putting like 5 hours a day into The Anaether. I’ve just realized that as long as I’m pushing this project along nearly every single day, I’m getting stuff done at a pretty steady pace. I’m actually not really working as slow as I thought but I still want to work faster and for more hours each day.

I’ve noticed I take it pretty slow in the early-mid stages of each piece I do and then when I feel like I can totally finish an illustration or comic page that day/night, I suddenly put in way more hours in that day. Like, probably half of the total time I end up spending on that piece. Well, if that were the case it’d probably be just for comic pages since I spend something like 8-12 hours a page.

In other news, I was in the process of applying for a bank account for Anaether Productions LLC. I believe I need a fictitious name to operate under to avoid giving away my real name. So then I discovered I have to formally register for one. Through snail mail. So I sent out the form in the mail the past day. I believe I’ll be waiting for the snail mail to come in to let me know I’ve got a new trade name. Not sure how long I’ll be waiting.

There have been so many more steps than I anticipated in trying to get this whole thing to work for me the way I want. I really hope I’m in my final steps. This process has been pretty tedious.

I’m feeling pretty good though. Aside from all the utter bullshit in politics and in our country that’s been happening.

Hope you’re all doing alright.