For the past few days I’ve pretty much done nothing on this project which makes me feel horrible. It’s all my fault though. I thought I’d turn over a new leaf sooner but now I really need to buckle down.

The biggest thing keeping me from working on this project full time is that it isn’t my primary source of income, but that’s understandable. These things take time and I really have to earn that kind of traction for my stuff. Not expecting this sort of thing to happen for another decade or something.

The next biggest thing which is currently my most immediate obstacle is my sleep cycle. I really wish I could work through the night like I used to but I really physically can’t now. Not that anyone was making me, but it was just my preference. I felt the most creative and productive during the wee hours. But this happens every time now — if I work all hours of the night and go to sleep at like 7am, I will have a headache for 3 days and computer screens hurt my head more. I will also more likely get migraines.

I often end up going to sleep in the morning because I’m so in the zone with my work and get so determined to finish it. But now I’m gonna have to rearrange my schedule to try to accommodate my physical health.

Other than that, my anxiety. Which is more manageable in more recent years, so it should be more or less a non-issue compared to my sleep/headache problems.

Really hope to finish another illustration by next week, but I’ll probably stick it on Subscribestar first. Not that anyone’s watching right now *cough* that one subscriber is actually my boyfriend with my own debit card and I keep telling him to unsubscribe but I think he’s refusing to.

It’s okay, everything in good time.