This is the casual/usual attire shot of my main characters in The Anaether, made for The Duck Webcomics award events. I think this idea of illustrating my OCs in formal red carpet attire is super cool and adorable so I couldn’t resist this opportunity.

The deadline is on September 1st and this image took me almost a week, way longer than I’d intended sooo I better get started on the formal attire piece real quick. Well then again I was working on some other sketches alongside this one so I don’t feel as slow. But when I complete the formal attire shot, I’m not supposed to publish it anywhere until after the events on The Duck Webcomics. But since I’m incredibly eager to show you guys what I have right when I’m finished, I’ll probably have it on Subscribestar as an early release.

I think I’m going to launch my Subscribestar soon, but I want to make a separate promo illustration for it as well for when I announce its launch. I’ll probably just ask early subscribers if they see my real info at all and then… ugh, I can’t see myself shutting down my Subscribestar because people are still seeing my real info. Well, one step at a time. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

If you haven’t noticed already, my deadlines and time estimates are pretty fluid, but generally I follow them approximately.

My brain is fried, I really need to go to sleep now.