I now have a Ko-fi and a Subscribestar, but I’m not quite ready to publicize them yet. The Subscribestar is still under review but I might just expedite it so I can test it sooner. I’ve been testing the Ko-fi to make sure my actual information doesn’t get out to donors.

I intend to have the Ko-fi be my tip jar for payments below 5 bucks or $5/month. Unless donors don’t want to commit to a subscription. Well, they can donate however much they want I guess. And then Subscribestar would be me offering early access to my content as I’m working on them. I’m thinking I’d release new content on Subscribestar at least once a week, and for everyone else twice a month.

Then I think I’d also get a Patreon and a Buy Me A Coffee, because there’s no real reason not to. I’ve learned not to put all my eggs in one basket when it comes to these platforms. It really, really sucks when the platform you most rely on somehow betrays you, like they limit the flow of clients to your content or raise the percentage of their cut on your hourly rate or something like that. It’s extremely disappointing and frustrating.

I’ve had some mildly uncivil words with such platforms, because they’re basically destroying my livelihood. I’ve learned not to completely trust any platform, because at the end of the day, they’re out for themselves. It’s the unfortunate reality of dealing with corporate giants, especially in the US. CEO’s make hundreds of times more than the average worker of their company. They certainly don’t work hundreds of times harder, and even before the pandemic, at least half the country was living paycheck to paycheck. Now I don’t even know how those same people are getting by without becoming homeless or being at risk of becoming homeless.

So after dealing with all these entities that have helped me facilitate my work, I’ve learned that I’m better off having my money come from those who truly love and respect not only my work, but me as a person. I feel like I’m more likely to find that when my income is from donations and subscription sites for my passion project.

I’m probably going to work on new content by Sunday or Monday. If you haven’t noticed already, my schedules and deadlines I’ve set for myself are pretty loose, but so far I think I’ve followed most of them unless I change them up. The next pieces of content I’d like to work on are illustrations, since I always miss creating them as I’m working on comic pages. I’ll likely release new comic pages either when I finish another 5 pages, or just release whatever I have after like 2 weeks. I’ll figure it out.