Vas in the VISN uniform. Well, the current iteration of it anyway. I don’t know if I’ve really finalized it, I just felt like finishing up the sketch I started.

I fiddled around with the colors a lot. I’m still not that confident with my choice of colors. At a certain point I really felt I needed to move on. That’s basically 80% of the reason why I ever leave any piece of art I work on. I wish it’d be because I really felt like it was the best I could do and that I was fully satisfied with it, but that’s kind of rare.

Here’s a close-up:

I might be working on another small project for a day or two before continuing on with page 21. The other project is something I should be doing if I’m being smart but I’m extremely eager to continue working on the comic pages for this project. I’ll just see what happens. I’ll definitely finish page 21 by the end of this week at least.