I’ve discovered a few things while working on this piece.

I’m happier with less saturation, more softness, less primary colors but still keeping stuff dark.

I tried really hard to avoid over-working this illustration because I think the less busy spaces make it look better and not necessarily unfinished, which is usually what I’m afraid of when I feel like I haven’t worked “enough.”

I still wish I was better at dramatic, more interesting lighting. Oh well. Guess it’ll come with time if I keep pushing myself on that.

I also really didn’t want to get too complex with the title font. I was going to go with something more sleek, but I guess I’m just really attached to the pixel font. It has a more retro feel, and I suppose there’s nothing that retro about “The Anaether.” My intent with the pixelated font is to give more of a digital feel. Might change it later but I think this’ll do for now.