I’m gradually getting back into my routine. I finished the second page, I’m working on the third. In the interest of just pushing stuff out in a timely manner, I’m going to be leaving a bunch of mistakes. They hopefully won’t be too obvious. Most people just glance over each page for like 2 seconds anyway.

I’m having fun, but staying focused is a bit challenging. I’m trying to make sure I don’t get too side-tracked with other art that I’ve been itching to do. I really do enjoy working on these pages so far. Actually, this makes me super relieved because I though I’d get bored of working on the pages instead of just random illustrations. What’s kind of dumb though is that I’m still kind of avoiding the thing I’m supposed to be doing as I’m creating this trailer chapter: finalizing designs. Namely, Vas’s chain dagger… gauntlet thing… and Semeon’s gun. As I’m finishing these pages, I just go “I’ll figure it out… I just want to finish these pages and tell a story for now.” I mean, I’m still establishing the color palette and a bunch of other things.

Whatever. I just want to execute and I think I’ll just allow myself to be happy with that.