I really want to release a new page every time I finish a new one to generate buzz, but I also want to release only when I have 20 pages ready or have a backlog of a bunch of pages, and publish once or twice a month. People can forget what’s happening if the page releases are too spaced out. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Though overall I’m actually still enjoying myself, there’s a lot bothering me about this process. I’m also still really scared about everything that could go wrong, especially with the idea that I’d be taking way too long by my own standards to put out a story where stuff actually happens.

I need to remember that people are not going to be zooming way in to see every tiny detail of my work, so I need to stop zooming in so much to try to perfect every detail. This page took something like, maybe 7 hours, and that’s me trying really hard to hold back on going overboard with details.

I want to avoid making my linework clean. One, it’s time-consuming. Two, I hate the process of cleaning up my lines. And three, I clench my hand a lot when I make clean lines. Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome would be nice. So I want to go for a more rough and dirty look.

Staying zoomed out also makes it so that I don’t need to get too detailed and spend too much time on each page. I just get all OCD about parts of the illustration that need to get cleaned up or rendered more properly, and that makes it hard for me to get to the point where I actually just push out the page and consider it finished.

I’m trying to avoid being neurotic about this whole thing. I’m keeping in mind that my style is going to change while I’m working on this part of the project, as it’s supposed to be part of visual development. My skill level is going to get better too, which would also change the style. I’m hoping by the end of this prototyping process, I’ll actually come up with something I really like so I can feel better about starting the actual canon comic pages.

On another note, this week and perhaps in the next few weeks, maybe month or two, I’m kind of preoccupied with real life stuff which will take away from this project. It’s nothing bad, but I have every intention to keep this project moving at a steady pace. I’ll try to update at least once a week, still.