I really want to publish at least the first page of the comic page I’m working on. I just finished the thumbnails to this “prototype chapter.” I’m gonna try to make sure it looks as good as I can make it within a “reasonable” amount of time. (oh god who am I kidding I’m never going to finish this comic in my lifetime… but at least I’ll die trying?)

Like, I hope I don’t end up spending 20 hours a page. But I’m fairly certain I’ll probably have to spend at least 6 hours on each.

I’m still trying to figure out how often I post and the volume of stuff I post with regards to the comic. Oh well, one step at a time on that.

I’m scared but excited about working on my actual comic pages.

Anyway, this character line-up seems to introduce two new characters. Kind of. Kaleb and the Overseer, from left to right. They probably won’t be relevant for like another 4 years since they’re like a bazillion pages away.