I might be taking two months to do a bunch of comic pages for a separate “trailer” chapter. I’ve written it out, now I’m going to work on the thumbnail sketches. I’m gonna be really tempted to publish my work every time I finish a new page probably, but I really want to release all the pages at once for an “uninterrupted” experience. Perhaps I might publish some close-ups of panels or something like that, maybe some works in progress. I’ve just been really wanting to do visual development specific to key objects and characters in the story, which I’ve been putting off, and also actual comic pages. I also want to be releasing a smaller amount of pages while the chapter is kind of self-contained.

I might keep side-tracking into random illustrations if I don’t force myself to focus, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just skip around pages and not work on them chronologically to keep the interest level for myself high.