I have so many illustration and animation ideas I want to work on, finish and publish. I’m having so much fun. But I really want to be more focused, but I still haven’t fully visually developed all the characters and things I need before starting the actual comic pages.

So I think what I’m going to do is do a sort of “trailer” chapter, where the story itself is not really canon, but the setting, characters and objects and their behaviors are mostly canon. I really want to show these characters in context through story and dialogue. I might take a month to do a sort of “mock-up” chapter just to prototype what the pages would ultimately look like as well as all the other stuff I ought to be conceptualizing. I’d like to release the chapter all at once rather than something like 1 page a week or every few days. I came up with a quick short story one morning, but keeping it short is going to be a challenge for me since I’m a huge rambler, in real life and as an artist.

This will most likely mean I’ll have to slow down on updates and do only 1 per week, which makes me sad because I’m actually always eager to update once a day. I’d update more if I could generate high quality content that quickly.