If I ever seriously consider getting into the anime industry as an animator, please punch me in the face.

I had a bit of a meltdown doing a bunch of technical stuff with this project. I might still be having a meltdown.

Let’s just say I’m done re-rendering this thing for the 60th time and being wildly conflicted between the different versions of my renders based on the quality and lighting and contrast and stuff.

For this one, I worked only with Krita:

For this one, I tried some polishing in Hitfilm Express and then exported an image sequence and used Krita again to create a GIF, since Hitfilm Express doesn’t export GIFs:

I pretty much just needed to finish this thing and get it out. The process wasn’t terribly amusing and I knew what I was getting myself into, except it was like 10 times more excruciating. Not that anyone was forcing me to go through this project. Except me. I’ve been making it a strict rule for myself to complete artwork regularly, but figuring stuff out and the limitations of my tools was annoying. Earlier on, the linework and the many passes over each of the different details was agony.

But I wouldn’t say this is the last animation of this kind I would do. I really want to make another animation of this quality and of this duration, and definitely another one that is at least a minute long, and I know it’d probably take me months and months.

I’m pretty sure I need to either stretch my stamina for these kinds of projects, or I’ll just have to hiss and swear at my computer for some hundred hours before I get my desired product.

My main gripe at the moment is I couldn’t figure out how to get Hitfilm Express to do a gradient that transitioned into transparency instead of another color and get it the way I did it in Krita, and in Krita I couldn’t figure out how to make the gradient render smoother if it’s capable of that.

Whatever. At this point I’ll just call it a win since I pushed out another piece for today, and move on to another fun project.