I got frontpaged for the 3rd time. First and foremost, I am again very grateful.

I kind of forgot for a bit that Tom Fulp is actually one of my followers on Newgrounds, which makes it easier for my artwork to get access to the front page, thus accelerated exposure. And at least one other admin is also a follower. I don’t know how normal that is, but it’s really a matter of personal preference of the admins that determines the frontpaged images, I believe. In this case I’d say I’m just very fortunate, very lucky and Newgrounds’s admins just seem to be very attentive with the content that’s on their site. Or at least I think they try to be.

I really don’t want to come to expect this sort of thing happening often but if it does, I hope I’m grateful every time but also… perhaps I’ll figure out if I post about it every time something like this or this exact thing happens again.

Whatever… bottom line is I am grateful now and forever even if I don’t post about something like this again. I again don’t want to seem ungrateful and I don’t want to get excessive about tooting my own horn. Maybe I should just play it by ear. I don’t know.

Another thing I wanted to ponder through this blog is how I gender reveal Vas throughout the internet. There is 0 merit to blaming people for thinking Vas is a man or a woman, which has been happening. I think I should just be completely okay with people making that mistake. I mean, there’s characters like Bridget from Guilty Gear. Like, come on. Bridget was clearly meant to be a trap. And I’m sure people had… actually I don’t know what the reactions were like once people found out Bridget’s a dude. Well when I found out, I was completely okay with it, maybe I even thought it was totally hot. I don’t know.

But with Vas… I never meant to trap people and I kind of for most of my life never intended to put Vas in front of a larger audience other than just myself. I’m sure there may be a wide range of reactions to Vas’s gender, maybe I’m fussing about this too much.

I’m gonna stop fussing now and get back to making more art.