I had to come up with a bunch of different ideas before I arrived at this one for a cover idea for the graphic novel series. I’m probably going to come up with more ideas and render them out anyway, and hopefully they’ll be better ideas than this one. I mostly looked at manga and comic covers and it’s roughly this idea. I really don’t like drawing my characters that small in the image.

My environment rendering could use more work. I’m not quite there yet with it but I know I’ll have to force myself to get better at it over time and I’m not going to cram for it like some exam. I’ll just let it be what it is in the moment and just focus on executing, then gripe about it later when my abilities are better.

Without getting too real… this year of 2020 has already been absolutely nuts. But through it all, as of this moment I am completely determined to steamroll right over all the bullshit while I try to be a responsible adult and citizen and not let any of it get in the way of me working on this project because I actually hurt inside on any day that I don’t. It almost feels like no matter how crazy the world gets, I think I’ll always be looking to work on The Anaether. That’s how I feel right now.