I know there’s like nobody reading this because I literally started pushing on publicizing this project less than a week ago… but I’m gonna be real right now.

I basically get into an existential crisis over this project like, every month. At the moment, or for the past year or so, I’ve felt like my life’s not going to be complete unless I finish this comic series. I’ve technically “started” in that I have hundreds of pages of thumbnails, but have not started putting in outlines and colors/rendering yet.

The whole point of this project for me is to be uninhibitedly authentic, to be as weird as I want to be, to work hard on something out of sheer passion and to be doing whatever the hell I want to be doing.

My original plan was to release the first complete “chapter” (a lot of pages…) by the end of this year but now I might be pushing that back even further because I’ve been feeling stressed already and it’s kind of dumb considering I’ve gained no traction yet and nobody’s given me any shit yet. I asked myself “who is making these rules?” and the answer was “Me.” The whole point is to be happy working on this project. So far it’s only been me giving myself shit for problems I’ve invented myself.

At the moment, what is making me happy is simply making a bunch of random illustrations of these characters in the world they exist in, to build it out with visual development and figure out how to improve in color and lighting. The best work I’ve ever made in my life was work I made for myself.

I think I’m just going to be working on concept art and illustrations for a little while longer and then figure out where I am with the pages, but I feel as if I’ll have to give myself a little push eventually to at least start working on the rendering of the actual pages.