I’m gonna talk about names today.

“The Anaether” has been pronounced basically 3 different ways, and I most prefer 2 of the 3.

I’ve been mostly pronouncing it like “anne-ee-ther,” like ethernet cable. I’ve also heard it pronounced like “another” except “nether” instead. Then I also heard someone say “anne-ay-ther.” That’s fine too but I think out in public I’d like to say it the second way but mostly have said it the first way.

Here are some portraits I did of the main characters sometime back.
Here’s Vas:

Vas has been through a lot of different iterations. I kind of drew them differently almost every time, aside from the hair, body type and facial expression.

Here is Syf (rhymes with “if):

I haven’t decided on her exact age but she is a kid. I’m more comfortable being passive about addressing/articulating the relationship between these 3 main characters and allowing the audience to figure that out for themselves. I feel like it might be obvious anyway.

Here is Semeon …I don’t know any words that rhyme with his name but I say it like “sehm-ee-en”:

I honestly think the visual designs of the other two characters pale in comparison to Vas. They were mostly to put Vas in context and to add contrast and some setting or scenario for Vas to respond to. For a while I felt pretty bad about drawing the one character so many times and never thinking that hard about giving them a real story. They were just a character floating around with no motives or anything. Just tons of passes of visual redesigning. To be fair though, I’ve definitely poured way more hours into drawing Vas than the other two characters.